Academic Advisors

Our team of enrollment counselors at the Office of Student Services (OSS) maintains current knowledge of program requirements; curriculum policies; and local, state, and national rules on certification for teachers and administrators. Based on that knowledge, the OSS is responsible for advising prospective and current students on curriculum decisions, including the appropriate selection and scheduling of courses, selection or change of major or minor, and waiver of requirements and deadlines. We encourage you to build supportive relationships with our academic advisors who are there to help you be successful in your studies and chosen professional field.

Undergraduate Student Advising

Your assigned academic advisor will provide the individual support, attention, information, insight, and knowledge necessary for your student success. Our academic advisors serve to ensure all your requirements have been met for continuation and completion of your individual program of study. Not only should you consistently maintain regular contact with your advisor throughout your academic career, but they should also be your first point of contact. Therefore, in addition to aiding with the registration process (adding, dropping, or withdrawing from classes), your advisor can help with any issues, difficulties, or question that arise, as they are equipped to:

  • Obtain assistance from other university or school departments, as needed.
  • Explain procedures and policies.
  • Identify and help obtain other available resources.
  • Assist in declaring a major or minor.
  • Assist with the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE) and Praxis I & II registration.
  • Assist with degree completion and graduation requirements.

To contact an undergraduate academic advisor,

  • call the Undergraduate Academic Advising Center (UAAC) at (800) 986-3223, extension 27990 and a representative in the program office will connect you with an advisor.
  • Visit the Undergraduate Teacher Education Program:
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