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Monday, November 12, 2012

Fischler SchoolMy Teaching Experience with International Students

Presenter: Dr. Sylvia Orta
Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Objectives of Presentation:

  • To share the experiences of teaching higher education courses to students in other countries
  • To discuss best practices and approaches that will be helpful to professors and students who teach in this setting

Fischler SchoolShort Bio: Dr. Silvia Orta is a Cuban born educator with more than 40 years of experience. While leading an international trade company as the CEO she was also teaching at the graduate level for the Cuban Foreign Trade Institute affiliated to the Havana University. At retirement from the corporate world Dr. Orta has been teaching for different institutions as adjunct and visiting professor. The teaching and learning experience within diverse educational philosophies supports Dr. Orta’s respectful and considerate relationship with colleagues and students.

For the last 12 years Dr. Orta works for Nova Southeastern University of Florida, USA. Currently Dr. Orta is a program professor for the doctor of education programs and oversees the applied researches projects conducted by doctor of education candidates.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Women in Higher Education from an International Perspective

Presenter: Dr. Khitam Azaiza
Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Objectives of Presentation:

  • Address Women’s obstacles in obtaining higher education
  • Clear the misconceptions about women’s education in the Islamic world
  • Identify the effect of distance education on women

Fischler SchoolShort Bio: Dr. Khitam Azaiza has lived in the United States. Dr. Azaiza is married and a mother of four children. She was born in Gaza strip, Palestine. Currently, she works as a Web developer and an adjunct faculty at Fischler School of Education, Nova Southeastern University.

Her doctoral degree is in Instructional Technology and Distance Education. Khitam’s dissertation title is Women’s Dialog and Distance Education: A University in the Arab World. In the 2009 AECT Convention - Louisville, Kentucky, Khitam won Dean and Sybil Fischler SchoolMcClusky Research Award for outstanding doctoral dissertation research proposal in Educational Technology.

Dr. Azaiza serves as an editorial assistant for the Distance Learning and Quarterly Review of Distance Education journals. Furthermore, she severed as the Membership Chair for Florida Distance Learning Association (FDLA) for approximately two years.

Khitam’s area of interest includes distance education, instructional technology, training, teaching, and researching. To view Dr. Azaiza’s vita, please visit her Website at

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Today’s Higher Education Challenge: The Why and How of Campus Internationalization

Presenters: Dr. Anthony DeNapoli & Dr. Alejandra Parra
Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Objectives of Presentation:
The objectives of this presentation are to familiarize the audience with the concepts of globalization and internationalization and to discuss the rationale for these phenomena as well as their impact in today’s institutions of higher education. Presenters will share how internationalization is viewed in different parts of the world and will provide examples of successful models and initiatives at NSU and other institutions around the globe.

Short Bios:

Fischler SchoolDr. Anthony J. DeNapoli is currently the Executive Director of International Affairs and Program Professor at Nova Southeastern University (NSU). He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree Hofstra University, a Master of Arts degree from New York University, a Professional Diploma in School Administration, Supervision and Leadership from Long Island University, and a Doctor of Education degree from Nova Southeastern University.

Prior to assuming his current administrative position, Dr. DeNapoli served as Dean and Executive Dean of International Affairs at NSU’s Abraham S. Fischler School of Education, a professor of educational leadership, curriculum and instruction, and foreign language education at several colleges and universities in the USA; and as a teacher and school administrator at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. He is the author of numerous articles on school reform and restructuring, the integration of technology into the curriculum, and distance and international education; and is frequently invited to speak and to present workshops and instructional sessions at local, state, national and international conferences, symposia and colloquia. Dr. DeNapoli has played a key role in the development, implementation and supervision of numerous international partnerships and programs at Nova Southeastern University.

Fischler SchoolDr. DeNapoli has held numerous leadership positions in professional organizations at the local, state, national and international levels, and is the recipient of several distinguished leadership awards. He has served as Director, Vice-President, and President of the New York State Association of Foreign Language Teachers, and was a member of the Board of Directors of the Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. He has been a consultant to the New York State Education Department, The New York State Board of Regents, and the United States Department of Education, and a member of the Education Advisory Board for USA Today.

Dr. DeNapoli currently teaches International Leadership courses at NSU, and is committed to promoting international education, cross cultural understanding, the internationalization of curriculum, campus globalization, and the development of innovative degree, non-degree and professional development programs for students worldwide.

Fischler SchoolAlejandra Parra, M.A.

Associate Director,
Office of International Affairs
Nova Southeastern University
Fax: 954-262-3846

Alejandra Parra, an experienced international affairs officer, language educator and teacher trainer, is Associate Director for the Office of International Affairs at Nova Southeastern University. She holds an M.A. in TESOL/Applied Linguistics from the Monterey Institute of International Studies and is a doctoral candidate for the Ed.D. in Instructional Technology and Distance Education ITDE (NSU).

Alejandra is highly experienced in the international arena, distance education methodologies, the design and implementation of online learning; as well the language teaching and teacher training field. In her current position she coordinates and oversees all aspects of international programs and the development of new global initiatives at NSU. She also oversees the student service as well as the immigration aspects of the NSU Office of International Students and Scholars, and coordinates the Study Abroad opportunities for domestic students at the different NSU colleges and schools. She has also held positions as Associate Dean of International Affairs at the NSU Fischler School of Education and Director of The NSU Language Institute.

Alejandra has presented widely at international conferences in Mexico, Korea, United States, Ecuador, Uruguay, and Argentina. Her research interests include international models in higher education collaboration, internationalization of higher education as well as second language acquisition processes in relation to technology applications. She is widely traveled and has a true interest in international education, the use of technology to enhance learning and teaching, and effective communication among the peoples of the world.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

From Zimbabwe to MOOCs – with Iowa, Egypt and Turkey (and Jamaica, Trinidad, and Korea), too: Distance Education and International Education

Presenter: Dr. Michael Simonson
Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Fischler SchoolObjectives:
Students will learn about:

  • Distance Education’s future: Why MOOCs won’t work
  • Characteristics of Distance Education systems in the world
  • Adaption of Distance Education in the USA
  • Synthesis of the two worlds of Distance Education

Stories, examples, and visualizations will be used to discuss the impact of distance education on education in the USA, and the impact of the USA on distance education in the world. Why what happens in Zimbabwe and Iowa tell the future of MOOCs.

Fischler SchoolShort Bio: Michael Simonson is a program professor at Nova Southeastern University in the Instructional Technology and Distance Education program. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Iowa in Instructional Systems. He works with schools, organizations, and corporations to assist them to integrate instructional technology and distance education into teaching and training, and on the development of virtual schools. In April 2012, he was named Professor of the Year for the Fischler School of Education at Nova Southeastern University. Simonson has authored four major textbooks dealing with distance education, instructional technology, instructional computing, and instructional media. His most recent textbook received the first place book award from the Association for Educational Communications and Technology. Mike has over 150 scholarly publications, and in excess of 200 professional presentations dealing with distance education and instructional technology. He is editor of the Quarterly Review of Distance Education, Distance Learning Journal, and Proceedings of Selected Research and Development Papers presented at the Annual Conventions of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology. Most recently he has been a consultant for the U.S. Army Research Institute. Simonson was honorably discharged as a Captain from the United States Marine Corps (R).

Friday, November 16, 2012

Social Media in Higher Education: An International Perspective

Presenters: Naveed Peerani & Michael Guerdon
Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Objectives of Presentation:

  • provide an overview of social media in Higher Education
  • illustrate the impact of social media on an international audience
  • define the integration of social media in a higher educational setting

Short Bios:

Fischler SchoolMichael Guerdon, M.S.

Fischler SchoolMichael Guerdon is currently a Web Developer for the Abraham S. Fischler School of Education (FSE). He is an 11 year veteran of the Emerging Technologies Group @ FSE. Mike received his Master's degree from Nova Southeastern University in Information Technology with a concentration in Educational Technology. His professional experience includes web development/design, web analytics, search engine optimization (SEO), podcasting, and social media.

Naveed Peerani, M.S.

Naveed Peerani serves as the Director of the Emerging Technology Group with the Office of Innovation and Information Technology. He has been working in the web technology field for over 15 years. Fischler SchoolDuring this time, he has held a number of leadership positions working as a web developer, team leader and now as a director. Prior to joining Nova Southeastern University, he held positions with Racal DataCom, Supra Telecom, and Burdines Corporation.

He did his undergraduate in Management Information System at Florida International University and recently received his Master’s degree in Instructional Technology Distance Education from Nova Southeastern University.

He brings a wealth of experience in web technical skills and management capabilities to his current position where he supports the administration and management operations.

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